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Why Design BUILD

A successful building project combines the vision of its architect with the practicality of its contractor. With the Design Build process, your architect and builder are one and the same. The results of this integration are sustained commitment to your needs and a continued focus on design excellence and quality craftsmanship.

A building project is naturally a unique product, catered to the desires of its owner. When the architect and builder for your project belong to different organizations with conflicting priorities, the result is often inflexibility toward project design, completion, and efficiency. Our Design Build approach involves a continued evaluation of design possibilities and construction realities during each phase of the project. Through the Design Build process, we can quickly take advantage of emerging design opportunities and easily make desired changes in project scope.

A successful building project is the result of the careful coordination of many different people, organizations, and processes. Your project may require the services of architects, engineers, planners, contractors, subcontractors, and craftsmen. At each step in the Design Build construction process, we act as your advocate for both design integrity and craftsmanship excellence, ensuring that your needs are met consistently. We encourage regular meetings with clients to review and assess progress toward completion while providing oversight for your project to ensure the best use of materials, labor and resources.

We understand that cost control is a high priority for each and every client. Our unique Design Build philosophy blends the security of a fixed contractor fee with the transparency of a cost-plus contract. We provide our clients with a detailed project cost estimate at the completion of the design phase before the building begins. Once construction begins, we manage projects for a flat fee, and our clients are able to review all costs involved at each phase as the project progresses towards completion to provide assurance that no corners are cut while protecting clients from budget overruns.

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2SL Design Build offers comprehensive architectural services including conceptual design, schematics, and construction drawings. Our design build expertise includes major international projects, commercial buildings, custom homes, and both residential and commercial renovations.

2SL is powered by extensive expertise in site planning. We provide our clients site planning services that include infrastructure development, permit applications, zoning reviews and conformance.

Our team of construction managers, framers, carpenters, and craftsmen ensure quality execution at every stage of the design-build project life-cycle. Coupled with our network of reliable subcontractors, we are able to achieve excellence at every level of the process.

Our breadth of architectural experience spans exterior and interior design detail and conceptualization. Materials, layout, furniture, fixtures and color selections are integral to our service offerings.

2SL is a licensed North Carolina general contractor. As an extension of the design build process, we offer architects a turn-key program to seamlessly integrate full-service design and construction management capabilities into their existing organization.







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Anthemion Award 2016, 2008 & 2007 - Presented by Capital Area Preservation

2016, 2015 & 2009 Star Awards - Best Historic Remodel

2016 Star Awards - Best Basement

2015 Star Awards - Best Bathroom

2013 Star Awards - Best Room Renovation

2010, 2011 & 2012 Star Awards - Gold Winner - Best Porch

2011 Star Awards - Best Outdoor Living

2009 Star Awards - Gold Winner - Best Outdoor Living

2008 & 2011 Star Awards - Best Whole House Renovation

Best of Houzz - 2014 & 2015

News and Observer Best House of the Month - August 2008

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